Teens Assault Texas 7-Eleven Clerks Over Denied Cigar Sale

Police in Texas are currently on the lookout for a group of teenagers who were captured on video assaulting two clerks at a 7-11 store. The incident occurred when a teenage girl attempted to buy a cigar from the store but was denied by the clerks due to her age.

Subsequently, the girl left the premises but returned later that evening with a group of other young individuals, at around 9 p.m., who proceeded to attack the store employees. A video circulating on social media depicts the girl yelling at one of the clerks, while some of her companions jump over the counter and physically assault the clerk.

Additional members of the group are seen throwing store items at the clerk in the video. The second clerk, who tried to intervene, was also targeted and attacked by the group. Although both employees sustained facial injuries during the assault, they declined medical assistance when the police arrived at the scene.

Police said no arrests have been made after a group of juveniles attacked two 7-Eleven store clerks on Saturday night.
Dallas Texas TV

Police do not have the viral video but confirmed to Fox News that the clip is from this incident.

No arrests have been made, the department said.

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