Violent Rampage in NYC Park: Woman Attacks Strangers, Targets Mother and Baby

According to both eyewitnesses and police, an unhinged woman went on a violent rampage in a NYC park and nearby businesses in Manhattan on Sunday. She indiscriminately attacked strangers, smashed glassware, and even made aggressive movements towards a mother and her baby, as shown in a chaotic video.

The woman’s spree of harassment and assault against parkgoers began around 4 p.m. in Tompkins Square Park, according to law enforcement officials. The video footage reveals that her first target was a woman sitting on the lawn, whom she allegedly grabbed by the hair and dragged a few inches.

Next, she reportedly lunged at a mother holding her baby, causing an alarmed crowd to gasp and shout. The commotion seemed to deter the woman from taking any further action against the mother and child, prompting her to move away from the grassy area in search of her next victim.

Subsequently, she hurled a beverage onto the pavement and snatched a man’s newspaper, tearing it apart before aggressively confronting another woman, as captured on video.

The woman pulled a random woman’s hair and dragged her across the park lawn.
Ed Quinn /
The woman was cuffed after police received several 911 calls about her erratic and violent outburst.
Ed Quinn /

Continuing her rampage, the woman proceeded to nearby streets, where she is said to have overturned a sidewalk table at a restaurant, causing chaos for the diners seated there. Footage captured at the scene shows her hurling chairs and shattering glassware in a destructive display.

The video then shows two officers placing the woman in handcuffs as a bystander walks up and tells the cops: “she needs to not be let out — no more.”

“You don’t go around beating up strange people in the street — like seven people — pulling their hair, dragging them everywhere,” he said.

“Nobody died b—h, nobody,” the erratic woman shouted back at him, according to the video.

The woman reportedly lunged at a woman holding a baby.
Ed Quinn /
The woman also scattered trash, smashed glass bottles and cups and flipped over tables, according to police and the video.
Ed Quinn /
The woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital for a medical examination.

As the officers escorted her into an ambulance, captured video footage shows the woman spitting in the direction of a passerby.

In response, one of the officers sternly instructed her to stop her behavior, while another swiftly placed a surgical mask over her nose and mouth.

Meanwhile, the video pans to New Yorkers seated at outdoor dining tables, seemingly unperturbed by the chaotic scene unfolding nearby, carrying on with their meals as if it were just another typical day in the bustling city.

In response to multiple 911 calls, the erratic woman was eventually transported to Bellevue Hospital for a medical evaluation, according to the police.

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