Does purchasing this item from Costco suggest an upcoming economic downturn?

Costco executives informed investors that the recent shopping behaviors of customers are indicating clear signs of an approaching recession.

Particularly, customers are avoiding pricey beef products and instead are buying cheaper meats that include pork and chicken 

During previous economic downturns, Costco CFO Richard Galanti cautioned that this consumer behavior was frequently observed.

There is a growing trend of increased popularity for cost-effective canned meats and fish, which have longer shelf lives.

Customers tightening budgets reflected in growth of Costco's affordable Kirkland brand in previous quarter, signaling a preference for cost-effective options. 

In general, Costco experienced a global decline in daily transactions of 4.2%, with a 3.5% decrease specifically in the United States during that specific time period. 

The sales of high-value items such as televisions and refrigerators have experienced a decline. 

Additionally, it has been reported that a significant number of shoppers are resorting to dollar stores as a means to counter inflation and cope with higher prices. 

Both Dollar Tree and Dollar General have observed an increase in customer traffic, with individuals purchasing larger items such as groceries at these discount stores.